for groddle’s sake

The year 2199 and the known laws of physics no longer apply.  Aliens are playing black hole golf with planets and the Earth is in the grip of a perpetual winter causing worldwide seasonal affective disorder.  Due to her ridiculously dysfunctional childhood Madi has no respect for anybody and her complete lack of shame and ability to exploit the hypocrisy of the privileged will have you in fits of laughter.

This book pokes fun at the ludicrous assumptions that often form our view of reality.  Institutions on Earth are still as archaic as ever and the absurdity of the way they operate is hilariously portrayed, as is the transitory way we arrive at moral and philosophical truths.

           Will Madi ever be anything other than a selfish bitch?

            Will the pain of unrequited love be too much to bear for the sad, lonely alien who is stalking her?

Scenarios that would normally leave you in tears will instead have you giggling long after you put the book down.

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