In my travels I have met a fair amount of people.  I can safely say the most deluded people I have ever met are people who think that vivisection makes sense.  Next in line as far as delusions are concerned are shrinks.  All the shrinks I have met have held completely unfounded beliefs.  I have assessed many shrinks during sessions with them and they steadfastly adhere to their warped idea of what ‘reality’ is.  One example of their many unfounded beliefs is that certain so-called mental illnesses, the functional psychoses,  are caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain.  There is no proof of this.  But the drug companies make tons of money by promoting this crap and shrinks live in their pockets.  When someone is actively ‘psychotic’ (if we assume that psychosis is a valid way to describe anybody) , by definition they will not be aware they are ill.  You believe your so-called delusions with accompanying hallucinations are real. Most shrinks do not understand that if, for example, a person believes their friends and family are poisoning them, it may be because metaphorically, that IS THE CASE.  His mother may not be actually adding arsenic to his breakfast but she may well be poisoning his soul. Psychiatrists take the arrogant stance of assuming their version of reality is the only version of reality.  With their delusions they usually have accompanying hallucinations which reinforce their delusions.  They write about clients in notes and often claim that clients have said things or done things which they have not.  Sometimes it is just plain lies or mistakes.  Other times I wonder if they are seeing and hearing things.  If not hallucinations, then at least illusions.

To summarise, shrinks are deluded.  They may also have accompanying visual and auditory illusions or hallucinations.  Those of them who have actual hallucinations combined with their delusions, since they stick to these version of events and are utterly convinced by them, it appears they must be completely ‘psychotic’.  The only get out clause they have is that their ridiculous view of reality tends to concur with the accepted culture of the country they live in.  Therefore they can get away with being sick as fuck without being labelled as ‘psychotic’.

And one more thing.  On the subject of personality disorders, anyone who claims there is something wrong with somebody else’s personality needs to take a look at their own.   A shrink gives a fuck of a lot away about the limitations in his/her own personality when he assumes there is a problem with somebody else’s.  On another day I will take a look at the ridiculous arbitrary definitions of so-called personality disorders.  And how many more we could easily invent if we wanted to continue down this stupid road.  Just to take one example, emotionally unstable p.d.  If this exists then surely there must be another disorder called emotionally STABLE p.d. (i.e. those typically British anal people who never show any emotion.  Concrete upper lip).  But that would be culturally normal here wouldn’t it.  I mean showing emotion is bad isn’t it.  Italians do it.  How fucked up those continentals are.  And paranoid personality disorder.  That’s just anyone who accuses the system of being screwed up.  How about ‘Gullible’ personality disorder.  That’s anyone who believes all the crap fed to them by people in authority.

Shrinks are inventing more and more mental illnesses.  The more illnesses they invent, the more people will be labelled as mentally ill.  It is similar to the process we have with criminal laws.  The more laws we make, the more laws there are to break and consequently the more crimes we have and the more criminals.

Shrinks need to be stripped of their power and the whole mental health system needs to be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch.  The amount of money they are now throwing at young people’s mental health is too little too late. It is a drop in the ocean and money alone will not solve the problem.  The problem is an institution which tried to build a brick building on shifting sands.  With no foundations.  There is a wise old Indian saying which goes as follows:

‘When you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount.’

Those currently trying to improve existing services, although well meaning, are simply feeding, grooming and watering a dead horse.    The answer is to bury the horse.  Then stop riding horses and start making friends with skunks.



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