I am an author, poet, songwriter and scriptwriter.  I am not an absolutely perfect, totally honest, free of any baggage person, those types who so often seem to exist on dating sites but not in the real world.  I believe that everything should be open to question including whether Theresa May is really an escaped ageing Barbie Doll from a second hand toy shop.

In my early twenties I worked in a literary agency,  then in film documentary production in London and in Egypt and did other casual jobs.  However a mental health problem meant I could no longer function too well beyond my mid twenties and I began to spend time in institutions.  I later turned to writing as a coping mechanism, although I had always been a writer as a child.  I have found it particularly useful for channelling anger in a constructive way although I admit that I might have caused unnecessary suffering to many innocent blank pieces of paper over the years.  My first book ‘The Unhouse’ was published in 2012 by Ghostly Publishing.  It is a children’s crossover book which was compared on the radio to Alice in Wonderland and described as a ‘psychotic pilgrimage’.  My second book, ‘Half A Human Away’ is dark humour set in the future and pokes fun at pretty much everything including the absurdity of institutions, the transitory way we arrive at moral and philosophical ‘truths’ and subjects which are supposed to be taken seriously, such as dysfunctional childhoods and attachment issues.  It was written on scraps of paper, primarily while I was an inpatient on a psychiatric ward.

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I was a member of the Waterfront Writers in Plymouth for many years and won the Jan Cutter Prize for my short story ‘Caged’.  I have other work published in their anthologies.  I have won prizes for my poetry and also helped write and produce two shows for Symbiotic Theatre’s ‘Don’t Mention The Gorilla’ project.  This was set up to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health.  These productions were performed at The Barbican Theatre.  I have poetry, sketches and short stories published in two books stemming from this project.


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