[/audio]She knows the game

The above song was inspired by my own experiences of rape and also by the experiences of a friend of mine called Cassie who was a prostitute and who sadly died about a year ago.

I wrote the above song about my grief after the death by suicide of my partner Heavenli.

Someone Elsa


The following song was inspired by my old housing officer when she stated that she knew I had got a guitar as if it was some kind of accusation.

The following is a song I wrote about the horrendous cruelty of vivisection
My Life Waiting

I wrote this song for my brother, many years after he committed suicide, aged 16.


Breaks bit trance is a trance piece I wrote as background music for a production called ‘Thought Tension’ by Symbiotic Theatre’s Don’t Mention The Gorilla Project which challenges the stigma surrounding mental illness.


The above is poetry I wrote about the work of the Plymouth Artist Robert Oscar Leinkiewicz which I set to music.